Equestrian Athlesiure

Aztec Diamond Equestrian

With days filled at the barn, I always want the perfect balance between comfort and style. Aztec Diamond Equestrian exceeds that with flying colors.  


This hoodie and pair of riding leggings are so insanely soft and comfy. Everything ADE makes is so intricately designed to be perfect for equestrian athlesure.


This grey cropped hoodie has all the bells and whistles. It has the perfect 1/4 to 1/2 zipper so that you can easily pull it over your helmet if you get too hot. There are perfect pockets to hold your cell phone and I love how it falls so perfectly on breeches and these leggings.


Now these Aztec Diamond Equestrian riding leggings are next level.  


The logo is subtle but classy. Take a look at that waistband? Thick and secure to make any figure look good... trust me! It’s like wearing a pair of spanx but it’s perfectly acceptable to wear as an outer layer! They suck you in for an absolutely flattering silhouette.


ADE really knew what they were doing when they designed their line. I definitely recommend their stuff for riding or for lounging around the house. And good news! Their new Summer ‘18 line launches TONIGHT at 7pm GMT! So be the first to check out their new stuff on their website then!! 

xo, B



Affordable Teeth Whitening

how I made my smile brilliant!

This is an honest review about an at-home teeth whitening system! Read to the bottom for a coupon code and special giveaway! 

For me, my smile is my first impression and what makes me unique. Smiles are like snowflakes; I love that every smile has a different size and shape to it. But something I'm sure we all want in common for our smiles? White teeth. My teeth have never been super white naturally, so of course I experimented with whitening methods.


I tried baking soda which wasn't really effective enough for me. I also tried whitening strips and after a few uses they started to make my teeth very sensitive to temperatures. Finally I tried getting them whitened at my dentist office before my wedding which worked, but I couldn't hardly eat for a week because it felt like all of my nerve endings were exposed! (Does anyone know this feeling?!) My teeth definitely needed a break from all the abuse, so when I found Smile Brilliant Professional Teeth Whitening, I was a little skeptical at first. The last thing I wanted to do was try another unsuccessful whitening method, but after reading some of the reviews and looking on the Smile Brilliant website, I thought I would give it a try.


The system is very similar to what you would have a dentist office; I received a really cute kit in the mail with some puddy and a mouthguard to create my own custom impressions. I sent the impressions to Smile Brilliant and in very little time I got my very own custom fitted whitening trays. From there, I used what was remaining in my kit to start the whitening process. I will say, I think I have abnormally sensitive teeth. If you think you do too, Smile Brilliant is one step ahead! They include several syringes of whitening gel, but they also have desensitizing gel which I use immediately after a whitening session to keep my teeth happy. The first couple times I whitened, I did notice my teeth were in some pain. I reached out to the super helpful Smile Brilliant team, and a member helped me with a plan of action that would get my teeth used to the whitening slowly but still effectively.


I started whitening every other day instead of every day, but on my "days off," I still used the desensitizing gel. This strategy was the major game changer for me! Eventually, my teeth could handle the normal whitening regime. I was so impressed by the entire experience of Smile Brilliant. The social media platforms were so bright and inviting and their website was so easy to navigate and very informative. The customer service from start to finish was absolutely perfect. I worked with Abby who always checked in with me and was there to answer any of my random questions or hesitations before trying out this product.


The price point is much lower than I thought it would be; you get so much out of one teeth whitening kit, and you get to do it gradually and from the comfort of your home. I seriously have no need to buy other whitening kits or get my teeth "professionally" whitened at the dentist again. I am so happy with my results, and since starting, I have family members and friends who have gotten the Smile Brilliant System too and just love it. It's a no brainer for me. You should give it a try and let me know what you think!  Use code : myequestrianstyle for 10% off your order!!


Want to try Smile Brilliant for free?!

SB and I are doing a giveaway for a free custom whitening system!! Click the link below to enter the giveaway!*


*Your must submit your name and email address on your giveaway page in order to enter! The winner will be selected and contacted via email in 2 weeks. Giveaway is for $149 credit and is open to USA, UK, Canada and Australia.

My Saddle


My saddle is one of my favorite possessions. It fits me perfectly, I literally take it everywhere I go in the back seat of my car and when it is not in my car I am riding with it. It gets a lot of use, so I am always making sure it is well cared for. I also make sure it is accessorized with the most effective and well-made additions. 


One of these pieces are my C&C Signature stirrup leathers. You know how sometimes you get a pair of leathers and they start out feeling like cardboard? These C&C Signature's came to me already buttery soft and just the color I wanted. In the past I have had one of two things happen to my leathers: 1- they would stretch and bunch weird around the holes or 2- the inner nylon layer would mess up and make it impossible to adjust the length because the nylon was in the way of the opening! 


I have been over-the-moon impressed with these stirrup leathers! I am riding 5-10 horses daily and I still do not see a sign of wear. Amazing! When I do need new leathers, I will absolutely be going through C&C Signature!


I am also super excited about these irons. Much more to come on these babies, but I thought I'd share some features of these unique stirrups with you! These are the OnTyte Herm Sprenger stirrup irons. They are just one model in the OnTyte System! If you haven't heard of the OnTyte Stystem, it is made to keep your foot in place with a set of powerful magnets. Now that always raises a lot of questions: How does that work? How you do get your foot out of the stirrups once they are in? Is this system ethical? What happens if you fall off? Not going to lie, I had the same concerns when I first tried this system. And I will admit, the magnets took a little bit of getting used to. I wore a pair of Deniro paddock boots with the magnetic strips in the ball of my foot as soon as you hover your feet over the stirrups, they suck you right in! From there, you never have to worry about your foot slipping. I do feel much more secure when I ride in my On Tyte system! And to get your feet out, simply rotate your ankles inward or outward to break the seal. It took some practice but now I can release the magnets without blinking. I will get to the specifics in a proper future post, but I will say this system opens up a whole new world of possibilities for a lot of riders. Not only will you feel confident going around a course, but safe, too! Many riders have had ankle or foot issues or inflexibility that make it extremely difficult to ride. The OnTyte System makes it possible for them to ride without their foot sliding back and forth in the stirrup. Tons of Grand Prix riders wear the OnTyte System (Laura Kraut, Scott Brash, Nick Skelton, Lauren Hough, Nayel Nassar, Edwina Tops Alexander, Michael Whitaker and Richard Spooner to name a few) because there is nothing worse than investing thousands and thousands of dollars for a class only to lose a stirrup and cost themselves the win! 


I am such a big fan of these two pieces. The stirrup leathers are so well made and extremely durable. They go with my saddle so effortlessly! The irons are a absolute game changer. Both brands deserve much more recognition than they currently have! I can't wait to share more as I continue to ride with these fabulous tools that help me do my job well. 

xo, B

The Brown Leather Trend


Has anyone jumped on the brown leather bandwagon? I have in a big way. I school at home all the time in my brown tall boots, my Mane Jane brown spur straps and my brown Roeckl gloves! Technically, it doesn't say anything against wearing brown boots and other accessories in the hunter and equitation rings, so I say, what are we waiting for?! (I bought my Ariat tall boots on sale for under $200 at State Line Tack!) So let me back up a minute and go head to toe on this look, because there's a lot going on.


This monogrammed vest is one of the COZIEST things on the planet. Trust me, it feels as soft as it looks. I got this vest from BitKeepers and I'm tempted to get all of the colors! I love this rich navy color and the pop of white in the monogram. The vest comes with that perfect patch over your chest just begging for your embroidered initials! I also adore the gold zipper accent. I wear it out to the barn all the time to ride and to teach. I also have worn it several times outside of the barn on cooler nights or morning errands. I layered it over a simple white riding shirt from Ariat.


My Roeckl brown gloves are literally like butter. If you haven't invested in a pair of Roeckl gloves, go get yourself some NOW. Here is their website haha! As I said, they are super soft but are made to last! With the amount of horses I ride, I used to go through gloves monthly. Now I own a couple pairs of Roeckl styles and I haven't had to switch out a pair in months. I love my classic black pair but this rich chocolate brown with the brown gem stones are just so fun! 


These Free x Rein breeches actually go with any color scheme imaginable. Their slightly richer take on tan looks so luxurious. I especially love it paired with my brown leather ensembles. I've talked a lot about these breeches before because they actually feel comfy like leggings but are effective and functional like breeches. Not many brands have been able to accomplish that!


Like I said earlier, the tall boots are by Ariat, but what really adds to this look are my Mane Jane spur straps and Color Tack spurs. The straps are a patent leather tortoise shell color that really do look great with black or with brown. That's the beauty of this color leather! The heart charms are subtle but add character. These titanium rolley spurs are some of my favorite spurs I have because I can keep them on no matter what horse I ride. I love the matte metal look, too. (They also have matte black.... so in love!)


Now, let's get to the puppy! Fifa LOVES her Pup & Pony Tag Co. collar and leash... and by love I mean she has managed to keep it in one piece for several months now! (Side note: I promise we feed her three times a day... she is a Vizsla puppy and so she is just a skinny-mini!) When I saw the braided leather detailing of the leash, I had to get this set. The leather is durable and it just looks so classic. It gives the perfect nod at equestrian style without getting too cheesy or tacky. I constantly get asked where I got this set from horse and non-horse people alike! The leash is nice and long and the end handle loop is padded like a bridle. When I'm holding the leash it actually feels like reins! Such a cool style, Pup & Pony!!

xo, B




Ponies and Pullovers


Shop Hunt Club does it again with the most versatile pullover for every season! I am in love with this blue grey color. I initially showed it to you with a pair of leggings and sneakers for running errands, but it is perfect to ride in. For this look, I paired it with my favorite white Sakkara breeches, my Shop Hunt Club black and white woven belt and black Roeckl gloves


It is just a great top for riding around in at home or on schooling day at the show. The Shop Hunt Club logo just makes the look of the pullover and like any perfect pullover should, it has pockets! Also, I sported this look with some VQ Jewelry! I love this horse ring and bit earrings.


I don't know about you, but when I am dressed well, I ride well. There is something to be said about feeling put together that produces a quality ride! If I ever throw on a pair of breeches and a random top, not tucked in, not belted and possibly not matching, I just feel BLAH and I really do think that extends to my ride! 


I am wearing an XS in this pullover, which I think is absolutely perfect! I can easily layer a tee underneath like I am here, but it is fitted enough to wear on its own or under a sweater or jacket. 


I can't get enough of Shop Hunt Club's adorable logos! Love adding that peep of graphic at the back of the neck. SHC also has one of my favorite baby pads that I ride in on a weekly basis. My students ride in it, too! I am almost always in Roeckl gloves, too. From what I have worn, I really feel Roeckl is worth the price point because they have proven to be the most durable while staying soft and supple. 


This look was so easy to pull together because the pullover is easy to match! It is an ideal piece to have in your wardrobe lineup this spring when the weather can't decide what it wants to do! You can shop this top on Shop Hunt Club's website that I will link HERE

xo, B


Summer Socks

While the temperatures are rising, the last thing I want to do is bundle up on the thick layers, and that goes for socks, too. I have lucked out with some pretty amazing sock brands, and Dreamers and Schemers is no different!


While I normally wear a type of riding compression sock, these thinner nylon socks are great when I just can't bear to add one more layer to my legs. Also, I can't get enough of their fun patterns!


If you've been around My Equestrian Style long enough, you'll know I'm not one for bling and flashy colors. but socks are different in my opinion! I can be as loud or silly with my socks because they are usually covered by my boots anyway! Or I can sport them  proudly around the barn with my sneakers. 


I do love how breathable these socks are, especially for the summer months in Florida! If you are prone to blisters or are breaking in a pair of new boots, I would suggest wearing ankle socks under these socks just for added protection. If you don't have problems with your tall boots and are looking for a "barely there" feel, these Dreamers and Schemers socks will be perfect! 

xo, B

April Showers

... bring cute outfits! 


And this outfit is no exception! When I was in California a couple of weeks ago, I got to spend the day at my old stomping grounds of Calabasas, CA. I rode at my old job and stopped in at my favorite tack shop, Calabasas Saddlery. I spent the afternoon hanging out all the ladies there seeing what was new at the shop and trying on some new things! It was amazing. I went with this fun rainy day look because it screams spring!


How cute is this rain jacket? The dog print was too adorable to pass up. The rain jacket, rain boots and sweater are all by Joules. I am such a huge fan of Joules' fun colors and preppy lines. I loved combining the patterned jacket with the thick lines of the sweater. The boots are just perfect for any gloomy day: timeless, chic and so well made. 


You can get any of these pieces I am wearing from Calabasas Saddlery! You can always count of CS for the most up-to-date styles and cutting edge style. If you don't live nearby, you can absolutely shop their selection online or through their instagram

xo, B


The Jacket Edit

KAVAL X MES Series 2

riding jackets for any weather & any setting

At any given time, I have about 7 jackets in my car and tack trunk, just in case. KAVAL carries top-of-the-line jackets from a light bomber to a down jacket with an insulated shell that have the functionality to ride in but are so chic, they are showstoppers anywhere else. 

Even though I live in Florida, I always get cold. Even in the summertime- if I am riding before the sun rises, you better believe I am sporting a jacket. I also am in a full on winter jacket when the weather plummets anywhere below 50... don't judge. I love jackets because they keep by body and arms warm but can so easily be taken off while in the saddle. I also am a sucker for good pockets to carry my phone and chapstick and the like.

the light bomber jacket : MakeBe


This is such a great bomber jacket to have for every month of the year. MakeBe creates their pieces with style for days! I love all of the intricate detailing of this MakeBe Lucy Light Bomber. The burgundy and white varsity stripes are so sporty and add another color to the look. I'm wearing it here with some black jeans, but I was wearing it earlier today with navy breeches. Such a easy and fashionable look. KAVAL carries several MakeBe bombers in varying thicknesses. 


the three-in-one jacket : Equiline


What a jacket. KAVAL sells this Betsy 3-in-1 Coat by Equiline and I am so obsessed. This one piece truly covers all seasons for you. The outer jacket with the combined shell in one way you can wear it for the ultimate insulation. You can also wear the outer shell alone as well as the base layer alone. There are so many handy pockets and the lines are so flattering.


It is super easy to separate the two layers, simply unzip! This jacket is so great for the barn because the outer coat is made of a super durable material. The inner jacket is just so light and airy; it's great for the brisk spring, summer and fall mornings or evenings. After trying on this jacket, I knew instantly why KAVAL carries this Equiline jacket. It is just so well-made and an absolute staple for any time of the year.


the go-to medium jacket : Horse Pilot


Remember when I was referring to a billion jackets in my car? Well I really only need these three, but especially this KAVAL jacket by Horse Pilot


Horse Pilot's Softlight Jacket in Bordeaux is a no-brainer- everyone needs one.


This jacket is so fabulous to ride in. I was so impressed by the pockets because they have magnetic closures to keep my phone and small items in there while I'm riding around. How brilliant is that!? As ideal as this jacket is for the barn, it is so fashion forward for the rest of the world. Just look at those leather details on the zipper, arm and hem of the sleeves? I was literally jumping up and down during this shoot showing Ethan (my Instagram Husband) all of the amazing features of this jacket. 


KAVAL carries tons more jackets than these three, but these were my favorite and what I believed covered all of the temperatures we are experiencing sometimes in one week! Shop their site for the absolute highest quality equestrian brand that are curated to perfection. 

xo, B

Basic Bomber

This time of year is PERFECT for a bomber jacket. This one by Huntsmen and Hounds is just as cozy as it is chic and functional. I have the same one in a burnt red, but this gray goes with everything. 


Random tangent, don’t you just love tree-lined drives? This is the lane leading up to my barn and the trees are just sprouting leaves and it always brings a smile to my face. I love spring. 


I put this bomber with a simple striped tee and some of my favorite breeches from Tried Equestrian. 


To top it off, I added some shine with my VQ Jewelry necklace and earrings. They are so gorgeous and well made. And I kill my jewelry... I wear it to the dirty barn, shows in it, sleep in it, etc. so for it to sparkle regardless is saying something! And this 18 karat gold jewelry line has a lifetime guarantee. 


This Huntsmen and Hounds bomber has the perfect cut. I love the length of the jacket and how it is fitted without being super constricting. I am wearing a size small because I usually like to machine wash and dry my jackets! 


The pockets are very usable. My phone actually fits along with some chapstick and cash or my riding gloves.


This jacket will always be a favorite of mine. It looks great with black, denim or white jeans, riding pants, you name it! You can easily pull it off street style while still having the equestrian essense! Go get you a Huntsmen and Hounds bomber jacket!

xo, B

Oils for you and your Horses


Over the last several years, essential oils have gained popularity immensely. When they first started coming out, I wasn't very convinced of their effectiveness. Now, I see how they can truly help both humans and horses. My sister, Bridget, sells Young Living Essential Oils and is also a horse rider. I first saw the effects of essential oils when she was able to ride our HOT HOT HOT chestnut thoroughbred mare around bareback in a field. We could never, ever do that before and when I asked her secret? She told me, "Essential oils!"


Not only do essential oils smell great, Young Living has an oil to support every system in your body. I have the starter kit because it comes with all of the most popular oils AND a diffuser AND some other great products, too. What sets Young Living apart from every other oil company is the fact that they have an FDA approved vitality line of oils that you can ingest, not just diffuse or set on your skin. This makes the oils that much more effective and healthy for your body... and they are the only oil company on the market that can do that!


For me, I am obsessed with the Lemon essential oil. There are so many great uses for it, too. I love to throw a couple drops in my diffuser because the smell is heavenly. My sister also taught me to add one drop (75 drops in one bottle!) into my water. It's actually way better than a wedge of lemon because in one bottle of lemon essential oil, you get 75 organic, cold pressed oil from 75 rinds of lemon. This quantity and quality of lemon in a single drop supports your liver and has amazing digestive benefits. 

There are so many incredible oils, but I think we should move on to the ponies. I included this Young Living animal guide of Do's and Don't's to safely apply. 

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 10.13.13 AM.png

Note: While this chart tells you to avoid Peppermint, there are actually numerous benefits to using this oil on horses. I'll show you below how to safely use Peppermint Oil on your horse. Here are some of my favorite Young Living oils and concoctions:

FLY SPRAY. At the barn, we are always in constant need of fly spray. Flies just love horses and during certain times of the year, the fly infestation can get really bad. However, lots of the fly sprays on the market are filled with harmful chemicals. If you're looking for a natural recipe, try adding 2 cups of white vinegar, 4 capfuls of baby oil and 10 drops each of lavender, eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils. Shake before each use and you have yourself a natural and effective fly spray! (Lavender and Peppermint are included in the starter kit!)

INFECTIONS. Whether your horse was playing too hard outside or an allergic reaction, infected areas are fairly common for your horse to have. Soothe and support these wounds naturally with Thieves. There are tons of benefits of thieves for you too. This is my sister's favorite oil at home for her family as well. (Thieves will be in your starter kit!)

COLIC. I have not had a horse colic since using Young Living Essential Oils, but there are loads of people online who have had amazing results from using the oil DiGize on their horse while showing symptoms of colic. For humans, DiGize helps your digestive tract, so it makes sense that DiGize could aid in colic. Consult your vet first, but if you are interested in using DiGize for colic, read this article here! (DiGize is a newer addition to the starter kit)

SORE MUSCLES. Peppermint oil is amazing for sore and tired muscles among other things. I like to add a few drops to a bucket of water and epsom salt. I will put that mixture on a horse's legs and back after a hard lesson or at the horse show. The combination of the salt and oil is a cooling and anti-inflammatory effect that is natural and smells great!

CALMING. Do you have a high-strung or nervous horse? (This is the oil my sister used on our crazy thoroughbred mare!) The oil Vetiver is an oil blend made up of several different oils that really supports calming and focus. My sister would rub Vetiver on her hands and cup her hands over our horse's nose and she would actually inhale the Vetiver off Bridget's hands. We wished we knew about this oil sooner for horse shows or days we were jumping at home! You can also add a few drops to a carrier oil and rub direction on your horse's nose for the same effect.


There are many more benefits to Young Living Essential Oils for hoses. Go follow Bridget on Instagram (we are doing a GIVEAWAY on our IG accounts for some free oils!)- she talks about different oils almost daily and gives tips on their uses and what their benefits are. If you are interested in purchasing these oils or even the starter kit like me, you can click on her link here and get started-- Bridget will include in a free gift just for going through her! 

xo, B



The Tailored Sportsman Edit

KAVAL x My Equestrian Style Series 1:

How To Match Any TS Top and Pair of Breeches Together

The Tailored Sportsman is clearly a beloved brand among the Hunter and Equitation riders of today, and who can blame them? TS tops are buttery soft and breathable. The breeches come in every color under the sun with the iconic vintage knee patches. The Tailored Sportsman has been the riding habit staple for decades! While this is the case, I often receive requests on how to pair a certain Tailored Sportsman item with another, and I'm here to tell you you can throw the misconceptions of conventional matching out the window! KAVAL carries the most relevant and up to date colors that you can virtually pair any TS top with a pair of breeches KAVAL has. Or are you on a budget? I'll show you the best Kaval TS colors to go with everything in your current wardrobe. But don't take my word for it; keep reading and I'll prove it! 

In the equestrian industry today, I believe we have gotten a bit too conservative with our matching habits. For instance, you may own a pair of gray breeches and whenever you wear them, only two potential tops come to mind as potential "matches." Well I'm here to tell you that with KAVAL's Tailored Sportsman color selection, your pair nearly every color combination together. Still not convinced? Let me start by showing you the KAVAL x TS colors that- I promise- will go with everything you already own.

  wearing KAVAL's TS  white top  and TS  bluesy breeches

wearing KAVAL's TS white top and TS bluesy breeches

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 6.32.14 AM.png

Let's start by the obvious: The Tailored Sportsman Trophy Hunter Tan Breeches

In the Hunter/Equitation world, these tan breeches are an absolute must in your riding wardrobe. KAVAL carries the classic tan TS Trophy Hunter in a front zip low rise (pictured here) as well as a side zip mid rise. The zip and rise is completely based on your comfort and style preference, but as of right now, the front zip low rise is most popular. This pair is equally great for at-home hacks and entering the show ring, which makes it an obvious first purchase if you have a specific budget. Another great thing about this tan? It goes with every single TS top KAVAL offers. Go ahead- go on their Tailored Sportsman selection and I dare you to find a TS top these breeches won't match beautifully with! 

I had a hard time picking a #1 go-to TS top color, so I you can choose from my 3 favorite:

If you are able to buy three TS tops, these are the three to start with. If only two, I'd go with this TS white top and either navy or black depending on which you color you enjoy wearing more often. My absolute favorite color? May sound boring, but it would have to be white if I could only purchase one! It goes with everything; keeps every look crisp and classic; and surprising machine washes very bright and clean no matter what messy situation I get myself in at the barn. These three colors shown above go with black, navy, gray, hunter green and the brighter colored breeches KAVAL carries. You truly cannot go wrong!


Feeling a bit more empowered and ambitious? Let's talk colors!! KAVAL offers some of the most fashion-forward colors TS offers. I have the free KAVAL x TS color guide available below, but here are a few favorites. I usually like to start with my breeches color when putting an outfit together:

These two pairs of colored breeches are some of my go-to's as far as breeches are concerned. I don't typically wear flashy breeches colors, but when I'm looking to add a little color to my look, these are two pairs that I always gravitate towards because they are so versatile. I've worn the gorgeous green-gray Rosemary color with white, black, navy, blue, tan/camel, mint/aqua, maroon/burgundy, brown and ivory tops and belts. I've styled the muted blue Bluesy breeches with all of those Rosemary color pairings plus some reds, orange, yellow, other shades of blue and purple. If you are pairing TS colored breeches with a TS colored top, I usually go with a basic leather belt in black or brown.


Do you own a few TS colors that are tricky to match?

Click HERE to sign up for my totally free KAVAL x TS Matching Guide! 


Stay tuned for Series 2 of KAVAL x My Equestrian Style coming soon! Until then-

xo, Bethany

myequestrianstyle.com  |  @myequestrianstyle

In this post: Styled images by My Equestrian Style, Stock images by KAVAL Inc. 

Polo Dress

Who is as obsessed with this shirt dress as I am?!? Guys, this is seriously the equestrian-inspired dress of my dreams!  

    And I have  Rönner Design  to thank for that! I have been admiring Rönner for some time now, even before My Equestrian Style came to be!


And I have Rönner Design to thank for that! I have been admiring Rönner for some time now, even before My Equestrian Style came to be!


The green pattern is clearly equestrian (which I love) without being too cliché or cheesy. The first time I saw it, I was like, “I need to go to a polo match ASAP!” But has been the PERCECT addition to my closet whenever I need a little nicer look.


I paired this dress with some amazing accessories. I live in this necklace by VQ Jewelry. I love how the necklace continues from the horseshoe to a cute stirrup at the bottom. I’ve mentioned VQ before, but everything is dainty, equestrian and most importantly 18k solid gold!  


These bit earrings matched perfectly with this dress, but I also wear them for everyday... also VQ! 


I also love the tied waistband on the shirt dress. Sometimes shirt dresses can be a little shapless and frumpy, but this one is so flattering. It also comes with a detachable tank top slip that perfectly goes with this dress. Or I plan to wear it without the slip as a swimsuit coverup!


I can’t wait to wear this all spring and summer long. Check out Rönner D esign’s website HERE to see for yourself!

xo, B

Preppy Poncho


This is honestly the only poncho I own but I think that’s all about to change. For being such a big fan of being cozy, this Bit Keepers poncho is like wearing a blanket at all times. What can be better than that?! 


With traveling a bit this month and the weather being a quite indecisive, ponchos are great to have on hand. A lot of ponchos look very southwestern with their colors and Aztec prints and alpaca-looking textiles, bit this one is right up my alley.


First off, I love the color. Navy goes with practically everything I own... and with white stripes, too?! Amazing. I love the fringe detailing that is subtle and classic.  


I’ve worn this poncho so many ways: at the barn to teach lessons, to my husband’s soccer games and on the plane. It’s comfy but not so bulky to get in the way of everything. 


Ponchos are usually a cold season article, but I’m so excited to sport mine with some white shorts this summer for evenings at the beach or out to dinner. You can get your own on the Bit Keepers website!

xo, B



Everyday Hunt Club

My kinda equestrian apparel is when you can wear in every aspect of your life. For me, the barn is where I spend the majority of my day; however, I am also hanging out at home with my husband and dog, running errands, working on our new house, going to the gym and the list goes on. 


Shop Hunt Club's Performance 1/4 Zip can do all that for me! The thickness of the fabric is key... It is thick enough to be a substantial piece all on its own, but thin enough to tuck in or use under a sweater or jacket.

 You may have seen me sport this performance pullover in black (because I wear it all the time!) but I just love this gray version. It is that blue gray that looks great with black leggings, perfect for tan breeches and you can even rock it with a pair of jeans!
 The material is just lovely: soft, smooth and breathable. The thumb holes are ideal and the hemline makes it easy to tuck in but so adorable to leave out over some leggings.  
 One of the things that always draws me to Shop Hunt Club is their logo. It is so cute and on trend while still looking clean and not distracting. 
 I am sporting my Opal Equestrian black base layer leggings with this top, along with my everyday Details Horse Hair Jewelry key chain and handmade Anney Life Designs leather key chain. 

I’m just a huge fan of this pullover, in black but also in this amazing gray. Great for riding, great for lifestyle to maintain that equestrian-sporty flair! Head over to Shop Hunt Club to see all they have to offer.

xo, B

Hunt Club Style


Hunt Club is one of my go-to favorites. Their aesthetic is so on trend and their products are so well made, it's no wonder they are a frontrunner in the equestrian apparel and accessory industries. These pieces I'm wearing now have absolutely made their way into top of my picks when piecing an outfit together.


Even though this ROOTD is very monochromatic, I still think it has a lot to say! For one, these socks are so breathable and adorable all at once. They are the nylon fabric socks but still have that compression feel of a high end equestrian boot sock. I love the logo on them, too!


The hoodie is also incredible. I don't typically ride in hoodies, but I make an exception for this Hunt Club "Always Walk Your Course" hoodie. The back graphic is insane! I love all of the details and the message is so so cute. I've worn this by itself like it here, but I've also layered it several times over a practice top or a show shirt to wear before putting on my show jacket.


Probably my favorite part of this outfit is this Hunt Club belt. I love these stitched polo belts. I think they are so fun and add pattern to any ensemble, but I'm especially obsessed with this particular one because it is subtle and matches with everything! Often you see belts like this with every color of the rainbow- which is cute with some outfits- but you can actually wear this belt with everything! I love investing in pieces like this that you know you will wear all the time.


This look was all Hunt Club, all I had to do was throw on some black breeches and a pair of Sperry's and I was ready for anything! This is a great outfit for a day at the barn. I have worn this belt with jeans and I have also worn this hoodie with leggings. I love the look of it all together but each of these Hunt Club pieces can be beautifully incorporated into so many other outfits- which as you know is a must for me when investing in equestrian pieces! Go shop Hunt Club and see all the amazing items they have to offer! 

xo, B

Art of Riding


You know me by now, I like all things neutral. Black, white, gray, navy, green, tan... thats about it! This easy look works in every setting. When I do wear cotton tees, they have to have something great to offer. I love this Gray & Bay Horse Co. t-shirt with the grey jumper on it because it tastefully can make any outfit equestrian. 


The other pieces should look familiar to you. I have this exact Huntsmen and Hounds bomber jacket in a muted red, but this grey color is next level. It is very soft and I love the leather zipper pull. My black Mane Jane leather belt is just an absolute staple and you seriously need one in your life. I wear a Mane Jane belt (I own three which is really 6 belt colors) several times a week because they are classy, match with everything, and made of durable materials.


Finally, these dark green R.J. Classics breeches are some of my favorite hunter breeches out there, with a wonderful price point to boot! The fabric is stretchy, the pockets are just the right size and the tan knee patches and mesh closure are so thoughtfully done. 


As much as I live my neutral bubble, every so often, I'm down for a splash of color. This Mermaid pattern garment and boot bag by Art of Riding was just too good to pass up. The pattern matches my wild Ariel hair AND the quality of these things are off the charts.


These bags are made of a neoprene fabric that is as squishy and soft as it is water resistant. The Art of Riding collection has some super fun patterns on their website!!


I just love all of the intricate detailing that when into these bags. The piping creates shape, the handles are comfortable to hold and the zippers are smooth yet sturdy. 


These bags to a great job of keeping my stuff clean. If you want something bright and adorable, I'd head over to Art of Riding and take a look at all the products for yourself! They are also sold at several horse shows! 


Every time I use these bags, I start singing The Little Mermaid in my head. "Look at this stuff, isn't it neat? Wouldn't you think my collection's complete?!" (If you aren't singing that song right now, go rent The Little Mermaid ASAP!)

xo, B


Zyia in the Saddle


Zyia Active is a fantastic brand that I’ve previously raved about, but it isn’t just for the gym!  


I love this Zyia active top because it fits like a glove while still being super breathable. This gray color also goes with everything! I love it with my RJ Classics green breeches and gray Shop ECE woven belt. Classic. Functional. Super cute. 


My order came with my favorite kind of hair ties with the Zyia logo. Even with my massively thick hair, I love using this hair tie and throwing my hair up in a top knot or braid after it’s been in my helmet.  


And who can resist thumbholes?! This top is great for hot weather but also amazing as a layering piece. I wear this under a crew neck sweater and a vest and it’s ideal for sub 40 temps. 


Zyia supports every kind of active lifestyle and is one of my few exceptions for non-equestrian brands for riding. You should go check out all of their styles!

xo, B

TPH March Issue

My March fashion article in the Plaid Horse Magazine was all about rocking the equestrian "off duty" look. With the help from Street and Saddle, it was fairly effortless! 

Read the full article online in the link below and my article starts on page 46:

The Plaid Horse Magazine - March 2018 Issue


This TPH issue really focused in on the steps to totally rock your riding clothes out and about in everyday life. Many of you have asked me how to wear different types of riding or show clothes to school or work, so here is the best way I know how! I go through five steps in the article (link above)!


This Street and Saddle top is one of my favorites to wear outside of the barn! It still has all of the features of an excellent show shirt- magnetic neck closure and white where it counts. I love the added color block element to this top which makes it fun to show off! This show shirt is such a nice break from the basic solid white show shirt. It looks great with white or tan breeches at the show, but I also love it with a pencil skirt, tailored pants, or even black jeans like I styled it with here. These jeans make the look a little more casual, but the polished look continues with the high heel ankle boots. I also wore this look with a color block blazer that would be great for the work scene or out to dinner on a chillier evening. This really makes the look polished and business like. If I were wearing this to an office, I'd wear nicer pants, but otherwise the rest is perfect! These jeans dress this ensemble down, so with the clean cut top and jacket, it makes for the perfect combination! 


So go click the link above to read my steps to wearing your own riding clothes out in the real world... I know you can do it!

xo, B




Paragon Equestrian


With the leggings-for-breeches trend on the rise, I thought it time for me to give riding leggings a try. Paragon Equestrian sent me this pair of full seat silicon leggings along with this beautiful white top with the dark forest green PE logo.


I am pretty classic when it comes to riding style. I love my breeches and always will. However, there was something to be said about my riding experience in these leggings. The close contact with the saddle felt great compared to sometimes bulky breeches. 


I will say, if I going to be riding in a pair of leggings, full seat is a must. I loved the subtle grippiness (not a word) of the silicon seat that didn't leave me slipping around like I'd imagine other leggings would.


Overall, the Paragon Equestrian leggings were very comfy and flattering to wear and to ride in. They are a higher waisted pair complete with a thick waistband which conveniently smooths and allows for easy tucking in of a shirt.

The white logo shirt was also very comfortable to wear. I think this makes an amazing layering piece but is chic enough to wear on its own. This shirt comes in a million colors with a zillion logo colors. 


Paragon Equestrian is cutting edge and sporty. I will definitely continue to school in these Paragon items, especially the leggings as it is getting warmer. I did enjoy how close contact riding in leggings was, so while I started out very skeptical, I am definitely a fan of riding in leggings at home. If you think its something you'd like to try out, I'd recommend Paragon Equestrian, especially the full seat silicon. Go take a look at their site and pick up a pair of full seat silicon leggings for yourself! 

xo, B